Tag: Personal work

  • Greeting Cards

    Greeting Cards

    Merry Xmas! Sweet Easter! Happy Year of the Tiger!

  • Os Mafarricos

    Os Mafarricos

    Character design for an upcoming story

  • Summer


    Personal Work

  • Game Afternoon

    Game Afternoon

    Illustration about American sports

  • Tess Aura-Land collection

    Tess Aura-Land collection

    Covers for non-existent YA novels by imaginary author Tess Aura-Land

  • Sperm whale and calf

    Sperm whale and calf

    Sperm whales illustration created for the #drawtheoceans challenge by Greenpeace Uk

  • Portraits


    Various portraits

  • The Hitchcock Gaze

    The Hitchcock Gaze

    Alfred Hitchcock died 40 years ago. To mark the date, I did a set of four illustrations, choosing frames where his camera told the story through the eyes of his characters.

  • Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones

    Fan art illustration

  • Girls


    A series of digital prints about women