Miopia e Astigmatismo

Miopia e Astigmatismo - Nuno Markl

Cover design for Nuno Markl’s book of  chronicles, Miopia e Astigmatismo.

The title refers to the authors poor eyesight, as an analogy for his twisted view of the world, so I planned to use a blurred image all along. When I was planning a short photoshoot, I came across a photo of the author in his instagram stream. It had been taken by his 4 year old son, and everything was perfect about it: the vague expression, the leafy background, the fact that it was slightly shaken and, most incredibly, that Nuno Markl was wearing a t-shirt with a pair of glasses in the design. Most of all, it meant something important to the author. I was thrilled.

A little bit of photoshop magic and some appropriate lettering later, and the cover was born.


Miopia e Astigmatismo - Nuno Markl

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